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I got the biggest laugh out of the food ones -' you squeeze your fork to release the food' and 'you lay z-weave ketchup beads on your eggs or french fries' ! I so relate to those having had a welder in the family!

Its 2035 and a man walks into a brainstore to buy a new brain the shopkeeper asks the man what he can do him for and the man asks for a brain the shopkeeper says well i have three brains to choose from first here is a doctors brain it costs two thousand dollars second i have a lawyers brain its three thousand and last i have a welders brain its ten thousand dollars. the guy replies are you kidding me why is the welders brain so expensive. the shop keeper replies but sir its practically brand new its hardly been used.

Some ok jokes there. How about Q: what kind of music do welders like? A: Heavy Metal.

An honest point...not really a joke. I am a welding instructor at Eastern Shore Community College. My welding shop is one of the few places where dozens of straight men ask me to come to their booth and look at their buts... It's a welding booth, they are welding students and it is a butt joint, but I laugh inside a little everytime I hear it. BLilliston

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