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I am a welding instructor used both miller & lincoln
in the field shop. Been in the trade since 1968.Have had
problems with miller gas welders,every two weeks one would be down.Used lincoln in the shipyard always relabile, my shop on campus is all red.Considering a miller for a new project (pluse tig training).

William O Mozee
Lead Welding Instructor
Delaware Tech & Community College

The people here in America really have only had the two brands to choose from for decades, but if they ever had the opportunity to weld with some of the brands from overseas like ESAB, or Fronius, or Kemppi welding machines they might change their minds I mean after all ESAB invented GMAW (stick) welding, and GTAW (better known as heliarc welding). As far as I am concerned I again have not been priviliged enough to weld with the machines I have mentioned but now that they are finally here in the US (except for Kemmpi) I for one am itching to try these machines, after all I've only had Miller and Lincoln to weld with in my 25+ years in the trade.

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How many 1950's model millers do you see out there? I've never seen a single one. On the other hand there are 4 Lincoln's on my job right now, and they weld great. Lincoln's are built to last. I thought about buying a miller for my welding rig once, but I couldn't figure out how to drive to work wearing a bag over my face!

Mark I am going to welding school where we have several Lincoln's an ESAB welders aswell as plasma cutters and other equipment. Right now I will say the ESABs are junk they are always broke down and when they are working are far inferior to the Lincoln's especially if you use spray rather that short circuit transfer. However I work in a welding and machine repair shop where we run all miller welders and I would take the millers any day, less finicky on the settings and much smoother running. We rarely ever have a problem with the miller welders even so simple as a rats nest and 2 of them have been there since the shop was opened 23 years ago. As for gas driven welders we have a miller bobcat at work and it has been a very good welder and never given us a problem. In school we also had some lincoln precision tig 225 welders that ran both tig and stick that were nice welders however I've never ran a miller tig and the bobcat is the only stick miller so I cannot compare those to much.

I used to weld using Miller Product,never try out yet Lincoln's,It seems this blog have it all !

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