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I am a welder with two years experience.pls i need a scholarship to gain more experience.please help me am from nigeria.i want to be a professional welder.God bless u

Thanks for the post David! Here are some resources you can start with...

American Welding Society Foundation:
AWS Foundation Scholarships - Loan Programs - Fellowships

Listings of Welding Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans

Another good resource is to contact some welding schools to find out what scholarships and financial aid options they have for their program. Check out our post, "The Three Big Welding Schools" for more info.

I hope that helps!

Can non us resident student apply?

I am epiku simon from uganda am awelder and i have been working with aeatrec (agrecultural engeeniaring and appropriat technology reseach center)under NARO.I would like to improve may skills can you hell me achive may dream.thanks .

My name is Bryar Bell. I am twenty years old and have applied to United Welding Institute in Pottsville,AR. I am planning to start the school in November. I live on my own earning approximately $9.50 per hour. I have applied for a loan from Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund and am going to receive that money. It will pay my tuition and rent but nothing to live on. I need some extra money really badly. I plan to work while I am going to school. Any help would be appreciated.

I don't have a ged but I did a fast track program for 3 months and got 8 credicts would I be able for a grant for welding

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